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Unlock Your Master's Journey with Geneva Graduate Institute Scholarship

🗣 Host: Irina Bolgari — MA in International Relations, UN Intern

🗓 Date: March 29, 2023


What this event is about

Are you interested in pursuing a Master's degree in International Relations? Don't miss our upcoming Zoom event featuring Irina Bolgari, a recent Geneva Graduate Institute alumna who completed her Master's in International Relations in 2022 and interned at the UN🇺🇳. The Geneva Graduate Institute is not only one of the best schools in Switzerland🇨🇭 but also ranks among the top institutions worldwide.

In this exclusive event, Irina will share valuable insights on:

  1. Introduction to the Geneva Graduate Institute

  2. Eligibility & application process

  3. Scholarship opportunities

  4. Life at the institute, including studying and interning at the UN

Get a glimpse of Irina's journey by reading her post on Borderless.